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Class Action Consulting

Designing Quick and Efficient Settlement Resolutions
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Class action litigation exposes companies to tremendous risks and uncertainty that may seem daunting and difficult to manage.

Concerns include:


  • Large financial liability
  • Increasing expenses to defend
  • Uncertain result and ultimate cost
  • Damage to brand reputation
  • Impaired liquidity and financial planning


Our team of legal, insurance and actuarial experts can assist you in assessing and analyzing these risks and, ultimately, provide options and strategies on how to exit litigation.


The process starts with a review of the risks and opportunities arising from lawsuit allegations and the nature of the class. Using proprietary analytics, statistics drawn from our historical settlement database and subject matter expertise, we work seamlessly with our clients and their defense counsel to design an efficient exit to litigation.


Contact us to learn more about how our consulting services can be used to:


  • Assess the risk of pending or current class action litigation
  • Review possible exit scenarios and cost/benefit analysis of litigation versus settlement
  • Create robust settlements that have a high likelihood of reaching final approval

  • Develop overall strategy for the business on how to best navigate the uncertainty of class litigation

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