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In-house counsel’s focus and resources are often dedicated primarily to defensive or reactive measures, like defending the company’s interests in litigation, advising on compliance issues, and resolving business disputes, all of which c
The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) has exploded in popularity over recent years.
The legal system, especially in the class action context, has seen the impact of COVID-19.
The modern class action, now on the books for over fifty years, allows injunctive remedies...
You are the company’s General Counsel. What if there was a way to turn potential claims into money now, instead of costly litigation for years to come?
In the American judicial system, class action settlements are allocated among claimants in a variety of ways...
Class action litigation creates uncertainty and financial risk for companies. To deal with the ins and outs of litigation...
CASI is unlike traditional insurance products in that each policy is tailored to the specific class action settlement circumstances and financial needs of the business. CASI is purchased to transfer the settlement risk in existing class ac
CASI is unlike traditional insurance products in that each policy is tailored to the specific class action settlement circumstances and financial needs of the business. CASI is purchased to transfer the settlement risk in existing class ac
Seth Hopson, the former General Counsel of North American Power and Gas, discusses his experience with class action litigation and the benefits of class action settlement risk transfer.   Can you tell us about your role within the comp
Unfortunately, class action settlements tend to be another step down the road of financial uncertainty and unpredictability. In the class action context, when resolving a case using a claims-made settlement, the financial payout varies sign
For most companies, Class Action Settlement Insurance is the answer. Few organizations walk away from a class action lawsuit unscathed. After spending significant sums to defend, the vast majority of cases result in some type of monetary se
Class action lawsuits are a much bigger risk today than they were 30 years ago. The internet has completely changed how consumers gain awareness of class action lawsuits and how they file claims for settlement benefits. As a result of these
It is no secret that class action lawsuits can have disastrous effects on mergers and acquisitions. One need look no further than the news to meet this point. In 2003, for example, famed environmental activist Erin Brockovich filed a class
Class action lawsuits are certainly not new. Indeed, some scholars believe they date back to medieval times, when groups of villagers would choose three or four representatives to represent their collective interests in court. What is new,
PLANO, TX (October 29, 2018) — Risk Settlements, a leading provider of class action settlement insurance and solutions, announced today that Ross Weiner has joined the firm as legal director. In his role, Weiner will be consulting wit
Perhaps more than any other type of litigation, class actions often feature dynamic shifts that quickly alter the settlement landscape. For example, the court’s ruling on a motion to compel discovery may bring a new perspective on liabili
Companies spend billions of dollars defending class action lawsuits each year. Compared to other forms of litigation, defending a class case is exceptionally challenging because the percentage of these cases considered “bet the company”
Viral settlements—which are neither uncommon nor predictable—present a clear danger to the financial health of settling companies. For example, the recent Naked Juice settlement was a typical settlement involving labeling claims. Unfort
A common misconception of class action settlements is that notifying consumers of the settlement is the “easy part,” when in fact, it is one of the hardest things to get right. Alerting the correct class members while simultaneously red
What happens when class action resolutions include statutory damages? Are those payments tax deductible?
Few mass and class actions get resolved in one business day, and setting the pace and expectations of counsel and their clients are important ingredients to the ultimate resolution.
Class action lawsuits are complex, and many companies that find themselves involved in them are under the impression that they are in for a long, protracted battle. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case. While there is no one-s
Guest Post by Peter Robbins, CPA, Partner at Corbett & Robbins, LLP With the exponentially rising role that litigation plays in today’s business world, one might consider the costs associated with settling lawsuits to be “ordinary a
Experienced class action attorneys know that predicting settlement response rates is anything but an exact science, and it is particularly difficult in today’s environment, with social media and settlement promotion sites. Any class actio
Advertising growth in digital media and multimedia channels has created a more challenging environment for digital class action settlement notice programs, which must now account for complex factors such as consumer distraction, cookie dele
Current financial accounting, disclosure regulations and tax consequences of claims-made class action settlements can be devastating for a defending company.
Our corporate brochure provides details on how we work with clients to meet their class action settlement financial and legal needs.
While class counsel has its own objectives when it comes to settling class action lawsuits, the defending company has fundamentally different analyses. First is whether it should settle the case at all, as there are often business reasons n
When it comes to class action lawsuits, it is a universal truth that the class counsel will always want to settle. In fact, the sooner, the better as, class counsel is paid upon resolution. And, quicker resolutions, allowing the payment of
Class action lawsuits are complex issues, and structuring settlements can present a host of business complications for defendants. To help navigate these complexities, we examine and dispel five common myths about class action litigation an
When Risk Settlements was approached, the company was exploring resolution for just one product line. We structured the settlement to capture all products and SKUs, thereby achieving peace on approximately $1.3 billion in liability and back

Deceptive or fraudulent marketing allegations, unpaid overtime, defective product claims and breaches of contract or warranty. These broad categories are just a few examples of the virtually countless types of class action litigation tha

Using CASI, Risk Settlements was able to accomplish what five prior failed mediations could not do: settle the class action litigation by providing the company what it needed most--cost certainties to stay in business.

During the past decade, American businesses have seen a surge in consumer-driven class action lawsuits. Given the prevalence of these lawsuits, it is important to be vigilant in monitoring your business practices to avoid unnecessary exp

Many federal statutes, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act, have provisions allowing for a recovery of statutory damages. But what happens when there is no concrete injury, as in the Robins v. Spokeo, Inc., case? The question then be

Did you know that many states limit how much healthcare and records management companies can charge patients for a copy of their medical records and bills? Did you know that the amounts charged vary for paper and electronic records? Many

Risk Settlements saved the company $7.5M and provided a fixed cost solution which removed all of the risk.
DALLAS, July 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Risk Settlements is proud to announce that Steven Schienvar has joined the company as a Managing Director. Prior to joining Risk Settlements, Steven spent 13 years at AIG in various positions inclu
DALLAS, July 6, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Risk Settlements has announced that it is in in discussions with multiple new distribution channels to market its innovate class actions settlement insurance (CASI) product. These channels include r