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Read our latest case studies and learn how we are able to help our clients in transferring the risk of litigation to achieve positive business outcomes. Learn how our unique solutions help companies facing or pursing impending or current litigation.

Litigation Buyout Insurance: A Case Study

Defending litigation is ultimately an exercise in risk management. So how do companies manage to protect themselves? In the context of a company preparing for sale, litigation can often delay or in some cases halt the transaction.  There are a variety of ways to...

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Waiting to Settle Cost a Company Millions

A company was facing consumer class actions in which it was defending five separate lawsuits pending in two states. Risk Settlements initially assisted the company in its efforts to settle the case precertification.

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Preventing Bankruptcy Through Risk Transfer

In 2013, a class action lawsuit was filed against a manufacturer. Class plaintiffs alleged that design and manufacturing defects in certain of the company’s branded products caused two distinct safety risks.

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FLSA Litigation Jeopardizes M&A Deal

After months of heated negotiations over every detail in a stock purchase, a PE-owned HR company was finalizing the closing documents when it was served with a lawsuit alleging that it failed to comply with California’s wage-and-hour laws. Suddenly the company was facing the prospect of years of litigation, uncapped legal expenses, statutory penalties, private attorney general fines, all of which represented $11 million in exposure.

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Delivering Certainty in the Uncertain World of Class Action Settlements

Unfortunately, class action settlements tend to be another step down the road of financial uncertainty and unpredictability. In the class action context, when resolving a case using a claims made settlement, the financial payout varies significantly, which can adversely impact liquidity, enterprise value, cash flow and assets.

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