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When Settlement Claims Exceed the Fund

Experienced class action attorneys know that predicting settlement response rates is anything but an exact science, and it is particularly difficult in today’s environment, with social media and settlement promotion sites. Any class action settlement can go viral, causing unpredictably high claim rates and putting companies at risk of exceeding their settlement fund....

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Settling Class Actions, from the Defending Company’s Perspective

While class counsel has its own objectives when it comes to settling class action lawsuits, the defending company has fundamentally different analyses. First is whether it should settle the case at all, as there are often business reasons not to do so. For example, the company may not want the reputational hit, to invite regulatory scrutiny or to set a bad precedent by settling....

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Class Counsel’s Perspective on Class Action Settlements

When it comes to class action lawsuits, it is a universal truth that the class counsel will always want to settle. In fact, the sooner, the better as, class counsel is paid upon resolution. And, quicker resolutions, allowing the payment of a class benefit and a pathway to fees, are optimal. So, while defense counsel and the companies they represent consider whether settlement is even appropriate given legal and business interests, class counsel is already focusing on the structure of the settlement....

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What Type of Class Litigation is Best Suited for Insurance?

Deceptive or fraudulent marketing allegations, unpaid overtime, defective product claims and breaches of contract or warranty. These broad categories are just a few examples of the virtually countless types of class action litigation that can take full advantage of the benefits of Class Action Settlement Insurance (CASI) – the only insurance product available for existing class actions and their associated financial and business risks.

Wondering if you might be able to qualify for CASI? Learn about the types of settlements that work in conjunction with CASI and find explanations of potential class action cases by downloading the full Class Litigation and Insurance article below.


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