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The 2022 Litigation Risk Survey: Results & Analyses

by | May 26, 2022

The 2022 Litigation Risk Survey was commissioned by Risk Settlements, which provides bespoke solutions to companies seeking to remove the financial and operational volatility arising out of litigation by transferring the outcome risk, and was conducted in partnership with In The House, a think tank specializing in cutting-edge issues regarding in-house legal practices.

General counsel and other in-house leaders across the globe were asked to respond to an online survey comprising of 47 questions related to their department’s litigation activities and legal spend, their tolerance for litigation risk, and their knowledge of the potential solutions available to help transfer the outcome risk of litigation.

In-house counsel from across the corporate spectrum completed the survey. Respondents hailed from a wide array of companies and industry sectors and were distributed among in-house departments large, midsized and small.

Eighty-three percent of the respondents were based in the United States. The remainder worked in locations across the globe, including a few whose companies no longer have a central hub—a figure that is likely to climb in the post-COVID age. While a few of the respondents worked for nonprofit organizations, most were at profit-making enterprises. Of those, 25 percent were employed by public owned companies and 75 percent were employed by private equity portfolio companies.

As the numbers demonstrate, the survey elicited responses from a wide range of viewpoints. We believe such a diverse sampling enables us to present a unique portrait of the current thinking among in-house department leaders and should serve as a useful benchmarking tool for legal departments, as well as the law firms and companies who serve them.

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