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Insurance Carriers

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Insurance carriers and companies face a wide variety of issues when charged with using existing liability policies—such as D&O, E&O and EPL insurance—to cover class action litigation. Among them are expensive litigation, complex coverage issues, insufficient policy limits, exposure from excess carriers and an experience gap in handling complicated class actions.

These issues become particularly prominent when trying to work within policy limits. Carriers often find themselves having to cover and defend class action litigation and settlements that exceed available financial limits.


Enter Risk Settlements, the leading provider of risk mitigation and consulting solutions for carriers using existing liability insurance policies to cover current class action litigation. Our team of legal and insurance specialists are experienced in collaborating with carriers of liability policies to structure settlements that fully cover class action liabilities within policy reserves.


For companies that are willing to take on the financial variability of litigation/settlement, Risk Settlements offers a consultative service. Risk Settlements works collaboratively with the carrier, company and legal counsel to create the optimal settlement structure to meet all financial and legal objectives.


For companies looking to mitigate the financial variability and uncertainty of class litigation/settlement, Risk Settlements also provides access to Class Action Settlement Insurance (CASI)—an innovative tool that allows carriers to use existing policy reserves to fully transfer the risk to a different policy and insurer. The result provides a known and certain financial outcome and full transfer of the risk.

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