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How We Work

Risk Settlements is a risk mitigation consultancy that specializes in transferring the risk and volatility of class action settlements away from the defending companies, allowing them to get back to business.

Often, companies cannot withstand the financial risk and negative impact on business operations resulting from settlement. Common questions from senior executives may include:


  • How much is settling the case going to cost?
  • Will the case be approved by the Court?
  • Will there be objectors or other obstacles to final judgment?
  • What if the settlement goes viral and the costs spiral out of control?
  • What are the unintended consequences that will negatively impact business operations?
  • How do I account for the settlement risk from both an accounting and tax perspective?
  • How do I assess all of this uncertainty to create a manageable risk?


Risk Settlements assists companies in identifying risk stemming from waste, fraud and abuse and designs optimal settlement structures that provide an end to litigation at a known and fixed cost. Risk Settlements also provides access to Class Action Settlement Insurance (CASI)—the only post-litigation insurance product to allow businesses to transfer the risk of class action settlements to an insurer.


Our team of legal, business, insurance and actuarial experts perform in-depth quantitative and qualitative analyses using proprietary risk algorithms and historical data. We advise and help design optimal settlements structures that meet businesses’ legal and financial objectives while mitigating the unintended consequences of settlement and uncertain payout.


Having consulted and assisted in risk mitigation and transfer strategies, Risk Settlements has solved business, financial and legal risk in over $2 billion in class action liability.

Risk Settlements can help you. Get started today!

They are the real deal and have saved companies from bankruptcy and certain financial disaster arising out of class action liability. — Rodney Max, Upchurch Watson White and Max Mediation Group



Risk Settlements features a world class team of attorneys, analysts, accountants, actuaries and seasoned insurance specialists.

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